Makalu 1995

Expedition name: Japanese Alpine Club Makalu Expedition 1995
Mountain Range: Nepal Himalaya
Country: Nepal
Mountain: Mt. Makalu
Height: 8463 m 
Attempt Route: A Paasage to Mt. Makalu by East Ridge
Camping sites: BC(3920m)、C1(4670m)、C2(5180m)、C3(5660m)、C4(6300m)、C5(6800m)、C6(7350m)、C7(7650m)
Oxygen: yes
Fixed rope: yes
Estimated standard of difficulty:  
Period: From Feburary 15; 1995 to June 13; 1995
If successful:
Number of summitter:
Member: 8
Names of summit party and date: Tanabe, A. Yamamoto, Matsubara and Arai on May 21; M. Yamamoto, Ono, Tanigawa and Takeuchi on May 22;
If unsuccessful,
Height reached and date:

Major accidents:If lost; names of the victims; cause
Special note: The first climb by East Ridge
Party Nationality: Japan
Party Members: Size: male 13; female 1
Leaders: Masao Fujihira:General Leader; Tsuneo Shigehiro:Leader; Munehiko Yamamoto:Climbing Leader
Members: Yuji Watanabe, Hiroyuki Baba, Atsushi Watanabe, Gaku Ono, Osamu Tanabe, Naoyuki Matsubara, Taro Tanigawa, Ken Okamoto, Takehiro Takeuchi, Toshihiko Arai, Dr. Naoko Shiga M.D. 
Assistings: Manager:Yoshitaka Takuwa, Press:Yasutoshi Sakoda;Eiji Miyasaka, 
China Mountain Association 3 :Sador; 13
Reference: "Sangaku"Japanese Alpine Club pp.23-34(1995)
Published report:  
Corresponding to: Japanese Alpine Club
Name: Tsuneo Shigehiro
Web site:  
Activity summary: The former climbing team left Japan on Feb. 15 th, the 2nd climbing team left Japan on Mar. 1st, the last climbing team left Japan on Mar. 8 th. 
  Built the base camp at 3,920 m on March 30 th. 
On April 4 th, we built Camp 2 at the point of 5,180 m, and on April 14 th, we built Camp 3・Advanced Camp at 5,650 m. 
 On April 28 th, after great hardship we built Camp 4. On May 13 th, we built Camp 5 at 6,820 m. And on May 19 th, we built Camp 6 (7,350 m), and lastly on May 20 th, we built Camp 7 at 7,650 m, and there we made final preparations for the summit.
  Eight members successfully climbed up to the peak of the 5 th highest mountain in the world on May 21 st and 22 nd.

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