Vol.2 April 2002  



Published by The Japanese Alpine Club

Tamotsu Nakamura

Pioneer Expeditions, Notable Ascents & Adventures and Scientific Field Researches


Lhotse South Face in Winter 2001
Osamu Tanabe

A Journey to the Afghan Pamir
Go Hirai

Khula Kangri & Investigation of Lake Puma Yumco
Yoshitsugu Deriha

To the Alps of Tibet

Tamotsu Nakamura

Unsclaled North Face of Yangra Kangri
Kinichi Yamamori

Looking for Insects in Kachin State
Yasuyuki Watanabe

Climbs and Expeditions

First Ascent of Selik Gulam Muztag in West Kunlun
Hiroshi Onishi

Granite Rock Tower in Shangri-la, West Sichuan
Naoki Ohuchi

From Japan Alps to Denali in Alaska
see,Errata below)
Masatoshi Kuriaki

Yamanoi & Kurtyka Opened New Route in Karakoram
Tamotsu Nakamura

Exploring the Least Known Bhutan Himalaya
Hideaki Yoshinaga

Final Determination of the Source of the Mekong River
Peter Winn

Data File of The Himalayan Association of Japan
Kinichi Yamamori

Japanese Mountaineering in China
Shigeru Kodama

JAC’s Grants Year 2002 Awarded to Three Expditions
Hiroshi Sakai

Errata:"From Japan Alps to Denali in Alaska"
line11, (Dave Staehel
l) -> (Dave Staeheli),
line from bottom 5th, (The
second solo ascent throughout the year) -> (the third solo ascent of the mountain),
linefrom bottm 4th, (the
first solo ascent throughout the year) -> (the fourth solo ascent of the mountain)

Front Cover:
Breathtaking Kajaqiao 6447m soaring into the sky, a view to the east from
the path to Banda La 5330m, Nyainqentanglha East (Shaohong Zhang)

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