Vol.1 October 2001  

Supplementary Papers to Japanese Alpine Journal


Published by The Japanese Alpine Club

Tamotsu Nakamura

Pioneer Expeditions, Notable Ascents & Adventures and Scientific Field Researches


New Topographical Map of Western Nepal
Tamotsu Ohnishi

Early Travels & Explorations in Mustang
A hundred years since 1865

Tamotsu Ohnishi

Climbing a Nameless Peak and Short Surveys
around Mustang to the Northwest

Tamotsu Ohnishi

Travels in Mustang. Visiting Temples
Sadao Yoshinaga

and Monasteries in the Upper Kali Gandaki , (Part2 Photograph)

Mustang MAP Part 1,
Tamotsu Ohnishi

Mustang MAP Part 2,
Tamotsu Ohnishi


We acknowledge with thanks the help given by assistant professor Naoji Okuyama, department of esoteric Buddhism of Koyasan University, whose profound knowledge on Tibetan Buddhism, in particilar, his kind suggestion on iconography for various images we observed this time, made possible to comlete this paper.

Our thanks are due to Mr. Katsuhiko Asahi, Hokkaido University, who joined our expedition to Mustang in 2001 as the scholarly member, for geomorphology and contributed much to the expedition in various kind of assistance, including making the map attach this paper. To Mr.Makito Minami, National Museum of Ethnology, we are gratefull for his help of troublesome work collating of Nepalese place names on the new map.

March, 2002 Tamotsu Ohnishi & Sadao Yoshinaga

As a few deplorable mistakes were found after printing the supplementary papers to Japanese Alpine News vol.2, issued in May 2002, authors ask a favor of the readers of printed edition to correct the relevant part of ERRATA. under mentioned. Other minor errors are corrected in this URL edition.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Visiting Temles Visiting Temples
Photo caption of front cover summt summit
(Captions of photo album)
Page 40 ⇒Vajrabhairava Ekavira (tib.: rDo rje jigs byed dpa' bo gcig pa) (21)
Page 42 (bottom left) ⇒Shri Devi (tib.:dPal ldan lha mo) (19)

Front Cover:
Rocky peaks of 6200 to 6300 meters surrounding Mt.Mansail.
A View toward north from the summit of 6270 m peak

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