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@Himalayan Expeditions organized or supported by the Japanese Alpine Club are indexed here. All of our activities are not covered in this table and almost of the content is text rich style, because it is now under construction.

@You will find formatted, detailed and visualized database of Japanese climbing history soon. Please click them.

Index by Report year


Index by Name

The first ascent of Manaslu, 1952, 53, 54, 55 and 1956
Manaslu Chronology, 1950-1996
North-East face of Himalchuri, 1958 & 1959
First scale of Makalu via East South Ridge by JAC Tokai Branch, 1970
Mt. Everest South-West face and South-East ridge, 1969 & 1970
Dunagiri via North Ridge by JAC Student's Section, 1976
Nanda Devi(7813m), 1978
Qomolamgma North face, 1979 & 1980
Kangchengjunga Traverse, 1984
Sagarmata/Qomollama Cross Traverse, 1988
First ascent of Xuelian Feng(6627m) by JAC Tokai Branch, 1990
Tirichi Mir(7708m) by JAC Kyoto Branch, 1991
the First ascent to Namcha Barwa, 1990, 91 and 1992
Schisha Pangma Central Peak by JAC Fukuoka Branch of, 1992
Trial of Qomollama Northeast ridge by Japanese-Kazakh expedition, 1992
The First Ascent of Himlung Himal by A.A.C.Hokkaido, 1992
The first ascent in Winter, Sagarmatha South-West Face by Gunma M.A., 1993
The first ascent to Mt. Crown by JAC Tokai Branch, 1993
Indian-Japan AqTash Expedition by Hiroshima Alpine Club, 1993
Everest, the South Pillar route by Aichi Gakuinn Univ., 1994
The first scale of Qomolangma Northeast ridge by Nihon Univ., 1995
Makalu East ridge, 1995
Twins by Tokyo University of Argiculture, 1995
K2 South-East Ridge by JAC Youth Section, 1996
the first ascent to Ultar ll(7,388 m) by JAC Tokai Branch, 1996
Dhaulagiri Pear route by JAC Youth Section, 1997
K2 West face by JAC Tokai Branch, 1997
Exploring in North-Western Nepal Himalaya '97 / '98 by Osaka Alpine Club
The first ascent of unknown East Kanthari in "Kokosiri", 1999
Mekong River
West Sichuan

JAPANESE 8000m Climbers List (PDF File)

Questions and comments on the above expeditions, please ask directly the leader or the corresponder of each expedition.
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